Wilson Preschool Overview

Wilson Preschool is a parent education preschool program in Santa Clara, California. Wilson Preschool…

  • Offers classes for parents and their children, infants through five years old. Parents attend class with their child once a week. Children attend one to four times a week, depending on their age.
  • Parents participate in their children’s classrooms once a week.
  • Offers half-day sessions.
  • Is a research based, Developmentally Appropriate Preschool.
  • Implements the High Scope Curriculum.
  • Has a professional, caring staff with strong backgrounds in Early Childhood Development. Our teachers are also credentialed Parent Educators.
  • Provides a warm and nurturing environment where parents and children can learn together.

Application for the 2016/17 school year

Application 2016/17

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March 18 Email Class Confirmation and/or Wait List

Parent Education office at 408-423-3674.

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