Parent Participation

Parents actively participate in their child’s classroom, and attend a forty-five minute discussion with the teacher and other parents during the class time.

We provide a support network for parents wherein they can not only increase their confidence in child-rearing techniques, but also develop a closer, more understanding relationship with their children through this shared experience.

We respect and support parents in their task of nurturing children, and we encourage parents to join us in being advocates for children in our schools and in society.

What Happens at Wilson Preschool?

We encourage children to ask questions, share ideas, develop social skills and explore their world through their play. We provide opportunities that emphasize discovery through first hand experiences.

Our schedule includes large and small group experiences as well as free choice time where the children can play independently or with friends inside the classrooms, or outside in our beautiful play yards.

Our activities include music, movement, cooking, art, science, outdoor experiences, stories, drama and field trips.

We encourage parents and children to explore materials, make choices, develop friendships, solve problems, gain skills and enjoy school!


Wilson Preschool is operated by Santa Clara Adult Education’s Parent Education Program,  Santa Clara Unified School District.

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